We have sold our home and are now selling the yard decorations we have in the front yard. These include the following: Large Railroad Cart with 13 milk cans, 4 lanterns attached, RR Express sign $950 for all; five different size wood wheels $250 for all five; Old Pump, metal disc that represent the sun & large wood 1/2 keg to hold flowers $150; red Santa Fe light that lights up at night $200; P...
Original Dazey jar is in "like new" condition. (51949)
Original Dazey jar with only a few small "flea bite" chips on rim. (51952)
2-Antique hand sewn quilts, knitted afghan, and several crocheted and embroidered table/dresser linens. All are in very nice condition. (76353)
Very nice piece in excellent, all original, condition. Oval jar. (717188)
This large wooden table top grinder "Union Coffee Mill" is in very nice condition. (53176)
Rare Mailbox in very nice condition. (610397)
Lamp is in "like new" condition. Shade has no damage. This is spring loaded allowing height adjustment. Original condition, could be electrified. (53431)
These antique fixtures have been rewired and are in 'good' condition for their age. Price is per fixture. (61579)
Antique copper boiler in very nice, all original condition. Natural patina, never refinished. Original lid. (512195)
This Victorian piece was used to keep slippers off the floor and warmer for use. Very unique piece in excellent condition.
This foot warmer is solid copper and brass. It has a Victorian street scene etched into the lid. The original wooden handle is missing. (113490)
Oak Ball and Stick style easel in very nice condition. (53196)
Victor Victrola Model 14.. Excellent "Like New"Condition. Includes original alphabetized record books with several records. Oak cabinet. Mfg. 1916. (66517)
Hummel Annual Plates-1974,1975,1976,1978,1979,1980,1984.Like New Condition! (1227435)$10 each
Roseville Snowberry Candleholders (1CS1) In excellent condition
Roseville Magnolia Vase (91-8"). In excellent condition
Very good condition. Cart has drawer and fold-out handle. Maple. (118676)
Very nice condition. Appears to have original finish. (52877)
This frame and picture are in excellent condition. Picture size approximately 10.5 X 17.5. (113320)
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